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Unless stated otherwise, all maps are reproduced from antique maps published in the 18th & 19th Centuries.

For shipping info to foreign countries, or for the current PLUME mailing address, click here to e-mail PLUME publisher, MARILYN CLAY

1.  A map of Ireland, originally published in 1806.  Very clear, very easy to read! . . . . . . . . .$8.75 US funds

2. Antique map of 18th C. Dublin .  Many street names are clearly discernible. . . . . . . . . . . $8.75 US funds

3.  Derbyshire County Map, originally published in 1787, names of villages, castles, roads and rivers; dim in places, but still readable. . . .$10.75 US funds

4.  Map of Cornwall, 'Divided into its Hundreds.'  Contains names of all the Burrough & Market Towns.  Very clear, very easy to read!  Originally published in 1757. . . . .$10.75 US funds.

5.  Kent, 'Divided into its Lathes'; names of Cities, Buroughs and Market Towns.  Originally drawn in 1755.  Very easy to read!. . . .$10.75 US funds.

6.  Map of the Caribee Islands, with all island names clear enough to read. . . . .$8.75 US funds

7.  Two Medieval Maps (originally publ. in mid-1600)--one of Sussex County, one of Wiltshire  County.  Set of 2 maps. . . . $12.75 US funds.

8. 19th Century Cornwall . . . . . . .$8.75 US funds.

9. The Isle of Man (19th C.). . . . .$8.75 US funds.

10.  Early 19th C. City map of Oxford, very clear, very easy to read. . . . . .$8.75 US funds. 

11.  19th C. England & Wales, 8 1/2" X 11", clear. . . .$8.75 US funds.

12.  Map of Europe in 1815, clearly shows boundaries of major countries and their holdings. . . .$8.75 US funds.
13.  Map of Peninsula during Wellington's campaigns, shows terrain elevations & battle locations. . . .$8.75 US funds.
14.  India in 1785 showing British Territory and the Mahratta Confederacy. . . . .$8.75 US funds.
15.  Two maps showing East and West ends of London in mid-18th C. (Map redrawn in the 1940s from map originally published in 1763).  Each map is 11" X 17", quite easy to read.  Set of 2 maps. . . .$14.75 US funds.
16.  The "Here & Thereian", a map of Regency London during the Regent's reign.  Keyed section shows location of over 100 landmarks in London.  Very clear,  very easy to read. . . . . . . .$8.75 US funds.
17.  The "Great Landowners of England & Wales" shows County divisions and names of estates and who owned them.  Originally published in 1865. . . . .$10.75 US funds.
18.  Rare Map of Bath in 1805 -original drawing still intact, but names of streets and squares were retouched to facilitate easier reading today. . . .$10.75 US funds.
19.  "The Literary Map of Scotland & England" packed with names of Counties, Cities, Castles, Abbeys, Rivers, Channels, Seas. . . .$8.75 US funds.
20.  London Pleasure Gardens Map shows names and locations of over 50 Pleasure Gardens located in London during the late 18th and early 19th Centuries. . . . .$8.75 US funds.
21.  Set of two maps: First map shows Europe before Napoleonic invasion, second map shows Napoleonic Empire at its height, including Austrian, Russian, and Ottoman Empires and dependent states. . . .$12.75 US funds.

Maps vary in size from 8 1/2" X 11" to 11" X 17".  If ordering a total of 1 to 5 maps, please add $1.50 for postage to your total map order; for more than 5 maps, add $3.00 postage to total map order. Be aware that if postage rates increase in the future, shipping rates might also increase. 

If you live outside the US, please e-mail PLUME publisher, Marilyn Clay at the link below to determine the exact cost of postage for your entire order.  In your e-mail, you will need to disclose what items you wish to order and provide your exact mailing address in order to determine the exact postage to ship to your address.  

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For ordering or shipping info, or for the current PLUME mailing address, click here to e-mail PLUME publisher, MARILYN CLAY. Thank you!