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The following are Marilyn Clay's Regency romance novels that were originally published in the mid-to-late 90s by Kensington books. All of these Regency romance novels are now available on the internet as E-books, as are others of Marilyn Clay's more recent Regencies, including THE WRONG MISS FAIRFAX; and her Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery Series.

The original book covers of my published Regency Romances

MISS DARBY'S DEBUT by Marilyn Clay. A Zebra Regency romance novel, 1999

E-book titled The Uppity Earl on Amazon

Miss Darby's Debut for the Nook

Cover for the Ebook Edition

Nineteen-year-old Tessa Darby came to England to escape the tyranny of a cruel stepfather--and to do her utmost to reform the harsh child labor laws of her birth country.  Harrison Belmour, the fifth Earl of Penwyck, and member of the House of Lords, is the very sort of influential gentleman Tessa wishes to reach with her impassioned message.  But a more self-righteous man Tessa has never met!  If only her nemesis weren't also the most educated, principled, and desirable of men...

Harrison Belmour is having the devil of a time controlling the deplorable behaviour of his mother's house guest, the auburn-haired, spectacle-making Miss Darby.  The young lady simply will not be directed!  And the last thing the aristocratic Belmour family can afford is another scandal!  Still, Belmour has to admit there is something tantalizingly refreshing about a woman who is both beautiful and intelligent.  

(MISS DARBY'S DEBUT was released in the United States in December 1999.  The book was recently translated to German and has been released in that country.)

MISS ELIZA'S GENTLEMAN CALLER by Marilyn Clay, a Zebra Regency romance novel, 1998.

Miss Eliza's Gentleman Caller for Kindle

Miss Eliza's Gentleman caller for the Nook

New book cover for the E-book edition

Miss Eliza Foxburn is genuinely alarmed when her widower father, Sir Richard, begins courting a young lady whose family is in trade!  Worse still, the chit is only nineteen--one year older than Eliza!  The romance is making her father look like an old least to Eliza.  She simply must make him see that his infatuation is a mistake.  And what better way than to encourage an impossibly older man to come courting her?

General March Huntley, a dashing officer of eight and thirty, is hardly over the hill. Living again in London after Waterloo, General Huntley is making female hearts flutter.  He is most surprised and flattered when the pretty Miss Eliza Foxburn asks him to come calling.  But when he learns she is only playing a game, the wily soldier decides to outfox the lovely Miss Foxburn--and teach her a love.

(Author's note:  I like writing humor, and this story is one of my funniest.  Partly because I just sat back and let my imagination and my characters go.  Eliza turned out to be far more uninhibited that I had planned, in that she just blurts out whatever comes to her mind, and because General Huntley is such a gentleman, he doesn't dare contradict her.  Consequently, this pair almost got themselves in over their collective heads.  But, as in all romance novels, everything worked out fine in the end.  Even for Sailor...Eliza's kitty cat, who plays a pivotal part in the matchmaking of this rather mis-matched pair.  In real-life, Sailor is/was my own cat...and that's really Sailor's picture on the cover of this book!)

Cover of E-book edition

THE UNSUITABLE SUITOR by Marilyn Clay, a Zebra Regency romance, 1997.

The remarkably handsome, devastatingly charming, Viscount Peterbloom was rumored to have kept as many as eight mistresses at once!  But he has became tired of his dissolute ways and has settled down to the quiet life of a country gentleman.  His one regret is that in spite of his winning ways with women, he never once fell in love, never suffered the agony, or ecstacy, of a broken heart.  But after meeting the incomparable Miss Miranda Fraser, Peterbloom is at last ready to remedy the situation.

When Miranda Fraser comes to London to save her family home, she is horrified to discover that Fraser Cottage is now owned by none other than the notorious rakehell, Viscount Peterbloom, the reprobate who stole a kiss from a very naive Miranda five years ago.  Can a scoundrel reform his wicked ways?  Miranda fervently hopes so...for it appears this unparalleled nobleman holds not only the deed to her home, but the key to her true heart's desire.

(THE UNSUITABLE SUITOR has been translated to Hebrew and released in Israel.)

To order a new autographed copy of any of my Regency titles in the original published format, (while supplies last) please e-mail author Marilyn Clay.

The Unsuitable Suitor for Kindle

The Unsuitable Suitor for Nook

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RWA's RITA Award, designed by Marilyn Clay

FELICITY'S FOLLY by Marilyn Clay, a 1997 Zebra Regency.

Felicity's Folly for Kindle

Felicity's Folly for the Nook

New book cover for the Ebook edition

When widowed Felicity Rhoades decides to turn her late husband's grand estate into an elite boarding house, she is delighted that her first 'guest' is to be a titled gentleman, the Earl of Maitland. But as soon as Lord Maitland arrives, Felicity's plans go vastly awry, beginning with the dead body found in the garden!  Strange noises and even stranger occurrences soon have all of Felicity's guests a-jitter.

As for the earl, he thinks Felicity is quite beautiful...if a trifle balmy.  Still, every time he tries to embrace her, things go bump in the night.  Something very odd is happening at Rhoades Arbor and it could lead a landlady and a certain captivated lord into the shadowy unknown before a long-buried secret reveals the most thrilling mystery of all: love!

(Authors note:  I had great fun writing FELICITY'S FOLLY.  The 'seed' idea for this book came to me as I was leafing through a book I'd found in a used bookstore in London, called HAUNTED BRITIAN.  This book tells about all the legends and ghosts associated with every castle, abbey, ruin, town and village in all parts of England.  I kept thinking, this is such a neat story, I have to use it in a book someday!  Pretty soon, I had dozens of 'neat stories' earmarked to 'use in a book someday.'  So...the idea for my own 'ghost story' began to take shape.  All the ghost stories and other-worldly happenings that Felicity's guests and even the straight-laced Lord Maitland talk about in FELICITY'S FOLLY are true!  Except for the main one...about the black raven who eventually unravels the mystery at Rhoades Arbor.  I made that one up. a writer, sometimes you just have to take artistic license.  Hope you'll enjoy this one!)

BRIGHTON BEAUTY by Marilyn Clay, a 1996 Zebra Regency romance.

Brighton Beauty as A Pretty Puzzle on Kindle

Brighton Beauty for the Nook

New cover art for the E-book Edition

Chelsea Grant hadn't planned to be a deceiver!  She had been the prettiest--and most penniless--young lady at Miss Farringdon's Academy.  Befriending spoiled Alayna Marchmont and telling her about a family scandal was a schoolgirl's naive mistake.  Now, Alayna has blackmailed Chelsea into agreeing to an utterly outrageous scheme--to pretend to be Alayna and spend a dull month in the country with Alayna's elderly aunt!

The plan might have worked, but for one unforeseen occurrence; the arrival of Lord Rathbone.  Rathbone had sailed from Honduras to claim the bride who had been promised him, sight unseen--Miss Alayna Marchmont.  And he wasn't disappointed; in fact, he is completely captivated by his lovely "fiancee."

As for Chelsea, she develops a powerful tendre for the dashing, if misled, nobleman.  It's an affair of the heart that could lead to disaster...unless a resourceful Brighton beauty finds a way to stop this foolish masquerade without losing a handsome lord's love.

(After being released in the US in 1996, BRIGHTON BEAUTY was translated to German and released in Germany.)

BEWITCHING LORD WINTERTON by Marilyn Clay, a 1995 Regency romance from Zebra. (All of Marilyn Clay's Regency Romance novels are NOW available for the Kindle at and the Barnes & Noble Nook.)

Dire financial straits decree that one of Lady Abercorn's two daughters must marry soon...and well.  Of course, it would be beautiful, golden-haired Lillibet, since one and twenty-year-old Neala is far too...plain.  And Lady Abercorn has the perfect plan to land the perfect man...her grandmother's bewitched wedding gown.  Handed down from mother to daughter for centuries, the ivory-silk wedding dress, still sparkling with fairy dust, has never failed to bring true love and happiness to the young lady who owns the dress and wears it at her own wedding.  In anticipation that all their financial troubles will soon be behind them, Lady Abercorn presents the well-worn gown to a petulant Lillibet on her sixteenth birthday.  But scorned by the gift of an 'old dress', Lillibet angrily tosses the gown to her older sister, Neala.

What's a girl to do when the most dashingly handsome, most sought-after war hero in England comes to call?  Neala is in a quandary.  Far too principled, and proud, to allow the attractive Lord Winterton to marry her simply because he has fallen beneath a centuries-old spell, Neala Abercorn vows that she will not marry the gentleman until he knows the whole truth...and sincerely loves her, for herself and not because he's been bewitched by a gown.

Bewitching Lord Winterton for Kindle

E-book Cover for Bewitching Lord Winterton

Bewitching Lord Winterton for the Nook

Original Bewitching Lord Winterton Book Cover

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