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(Part One:  Back issues from 1996 thru 2006)

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November/December 2006
THE ALLURE OF THE REGENCY - Shannon Donnelly.  A last look at the fascinating era of the Regency and how it's been kept it alive for over two centuries through books and film.
LETTERS FROM A LADY - Marilyn Clay. Letters from Lady Sarah Spencer, the eldest daughter of Sir George John Spencer, the 2nd Earl Spencer and Lady Lavinia Bingham, to her grandmother and brother, Robert. Lady Sarah tells her grandmother and brother about meeting the queen, attending parties and the opera, making social calls whilst in the country and a horse racing scandal.
September/October 2006
HOUSEHOLD HINTS - Shannon Donnelly.  A closer look at the division of duties between the Lord and Lady of the house and the duties and responsibilities of the servants.  Food buying and cooking, preparation of medicines; the grounds, etc.
THE FATHER OF MODERN ART - Marilyn Clay.  The life of one of the most prolific and prosperous artists of the Regency era: J. W. M. Turner.  His early childhood interest in art, his mistrust of people, women in particular; his trips to Europe; the family he had with his housekeeper, the unusual circumstances of his death. 
REGENCY-ERA EVENTS from September and October during the Regency years.
July/August 2006
ARTISTS OF THE 18TH CENTURY - Marilyn Clay.  Comparing Sir Joshua Reynolds to Thomas Gainsborough.  When each man lived and died.  Who they painted.  Why their temperaments collided.
GREAT DIARISTS OF THE REGENCY - Cheryl Bolen.  The stories of those who so accurately recorded their lives and the events that shaped them. The Greville Memoirs, Fanny Burney, Lady Mary Coke, The Creevey Papers, others.  Which memoirs can be found in their entirety today on the internet.
REGENCY-ERA EVENTS from July and August during the Regency years.
May/June 2006
THE GREAT GEORGIAN GAMBLING EPIDEMIC - Cheryl Bolen. Where they gambled, what they gambled, how much they won and lost.  Infamous losers.
STEALING HAPPINESS - Marilyn Clay.  Shoplifting among the wealthy.  Possible causes.  The consequences.  Some famous cases and their punishment.
REGENCY-ERA events from May and June during the Regency years.
March/April 2006
LADY JERSEY and LADY JERSEY - Mary Ellen Frasier.  Clearing up the confusion about which Lady Jersey is which!  Anecdotes about both, and pictures.
STAFFORDSHIRE TRANSFER-PRINTED WARE - Marilyn Clay.  A "new" printing process developed in England during the last quarter of the eighteenth century for printing images on fine china dishes. Examples shown.
LESSER-KNOWN REGENCY PERSONALITIES - Melissa Frederick. Read about a couple more lesser-knowns: Lord Bloomfield and General Thornton, aka The Waltzing General.  Find out why and how he earned that nickname. 
Some REGENCY-ERA EVENTS in MARCH and APRIL 1802 - 1816.
January/February 2006
PREPARATIONS FOR AN IMPORTANT ASSEMBLY - reported by a Young Lady.  The preparation necessary for a young lady to attend her first ball at Almacks with special emphasis on the use of her fan; lessons taught to her by her Mama.
DEATH IS A PART OF LIFE - by Ashley Warrington.  What happened after a loved one departed this world during the Regency.  Actual accounts of deaths and funeral customs and ceremonies taken from diaries and journals of famous Regency-era people.
November/December 2005
SETTING UP ONE'S SELF AS A MISTRESS...or, how London's Cleverest Courtesans Beat the Men of the Ton at their own Game by Jo Manning.  The author of My Lady Scandalous tells up how some of London's famous courtesans managed their 'affairs'.
WOMEN AT SEA by Marilyn Clay. (Part three) The true-life story, much of it in her own words, of  Mary Lacy, a young woman who dressed herself as a man and took to the sea in the late 18th C.
LESSER-KNOWN REGENCY PERSONALITIES by Melissa Frederick.  We're all familar with the Beau, Nelson, Byron and Wellington, but how many of us are on a first-name basis with Mrs. Beaumont, Lord Deerhurst and Lord Alvanley? 
REGENCY-ERA EVENTS in November and December in the 1800s. 
September/October 2005
GEORGIANA, DUCHESS OF DEVONSHIRE by Cheryl Bolen.  One of the most  well-known and best loved women of the Regency period.  This article looks at her life, marriage, her children--both by her husband and her lovers--and the strange, but loving, relationship between herself, her husband and another woman who also bore children by Georgiana's husband.
WOMEN AT SEA by Marilyn Clay. (Part two)  This installment looks at actual accounts of real women who disguised themselves as men and went to sea.  Accounts of how they lived on board ship without revealing their true identity and gender.
DO YOU KNOW THE MEANING?  A humorous fictional conversation held at a Regency-era ball in which the characters use little-know cant phrases, with the meanings provided at the end.
July/August 2005
WOMEN AT SEA by Marilyn Clay.  (Part one)  This installment looks at two of the three categories of women who took to the sea during the age of sail:  Prostitutes; and wives and daughters of warrant officers.  Actual accounts of women who lived aboard British naval vessels during the Napoleonic conflict.  Their duties, how they passed the time, marriage and giving birth.
WHO'S DOING THE WORK? by Judith Laik.  Women and children who laboured in England's mills and factories.  Leaders of the reform movement.  How and why things changed.     
May/June 2005
THE SIMPLE LIFE by Amanda McCabe.  The life of a courtesan; excerpts from Harriette Wilson's Memoirs; background of other famous courtesans such as Sophia Baddeley, and Elizabeth Armistead, who ended up marrying well.
DEFINING AN ELEGANT WOMAN in 1811  by Melissa Frederick.  What she wore, how she conducted herself, her style, jewelry and ornaments, what clothes were appropriate for each season.
DEATH BY HANGING by Marilyn Clay.  Crimes perpetrated during the Regency by women.  Passing bogus "Fleet Notes."  A case of forgery, a prostitute sentenced to death; a woman convicted of child-stealing; a twenty-two year old cook sentenced to death for attempting to poison her employer's family with tainted dumplings. 
March/April 2005
THE RATCLIFFE HIGHWAY MURDERS by Lynn Collum.  An in-depth accounting of England's most horrific Crime of the Century.  Names, dates, suspects, the investigation, the trial.
WHEN WORSE COMES TO WORST by Marilyn Clay.  The amazing origins (Lord Byron, Maria Edgeworth, Wellington, Sir Walter Scott, and other Regency-era writers) of many of our most popular cliches.
REGENCY RECIPES by Melissa Frederick.  From lip balm to freckle remover, a tonic for nervous disorders and much, much more.  How to make them, how to use them.  How our Regency cousins removed a corn or eased the pain of a toothache.   
Jan/Feb 2005
POUNDS & PENCE IN THE REGENCY - by Emily Hendrickson.  What they paid for food and clothing in town, in the country, in the military.
SARA COLERIDGE: WIFE OF AN OPIUM EATER - by Cheryl Bolen.  Bio of the poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge; how his opium addiction affected his married life.  Sara's tolerance of his addiction, where they lived, children, love-life.
A BIT MORE ON REGENCY MONEY and A LITTLE TALLOW HISTORY - by Marilyn Clay.  Slang terms for English coins.  Chefs who sculpted with tallow and butter in the early 19th C.
Nov/Dec. 2004
THE SELF-CONSCIOUS COLLECTOR - by Victoria Hinshaw. The Prince Regent's favorite artists, the type of art and furniture he procured for his various palaces and residences. Henry Holland, William Beechey, others.
LONDON'S PLEASURE GARDENS - by Jennifer Edwards.  A look at London's most famed pleasure gardens through the eyes of those who visited them during the Regency period.
NO BEEFSTEAK FOR BREAKFAST - by Marilyn Clay.  What travellers to English inns and public houses ate for breakfast and dinner; their observations and opinions of the English people.
CHRISTMAS PLUM PUDDING -  an authentic recipe contributed by Susan Wagner. 
Sept/Oct. 2004
PRINCESS CHARLOTTE'S ORDEAL - by Elena Greene. The problems Princess Charlotte encountered and her death during childbirth.  The recovery period after a woman gave birth, churching, expenses of christening.
TAH MAHAL: MONUMENT TO LOVE - by Louise Bergin.  The legendary story behind the Taj Mahal.  Why it was built, length of time to build it, why and when it fell to ruins.  Why the British resurrected and preserved its beauty.
SPRING OF PEACE, SPRING OF WAR - by Shannon Donnelly.  Paris in 1803. Terms of the Peace treaty disintegrate, war breaks out...again; English travelers in Paris arrested and imprisoned.
July/Aug. 2004
SPRING OF PEACE & OF WAR - by Shannon Donnelly.  Part one. Paris in 1802, after the Peach of Amiens.  What the English did when they descended on Paris once peace had been established.
DRESSING THE REGENCY DANDY - part two. By Gaelen Foley.  Types of breeches, pantaloons, etc.; cravats, wedding suit, morning frock coats, riding coats, great coats, hats,  more.
AN INTERESTING CONDITION - part two.  By Elena Greene. Preparations for childbirth, labor and delivery, medical instruments used.
May/June 2004
AN INTERESTING CONDITION - by  Elena Green.  What it was like for a woman to be pregnant during the Regency period.  Male mid-wives, special diets, type of exercise allowed, her clothes.  Part one of two.
DRESSING THE REGENCY DANDY - by Gaelen Foley.  An explanation of gentlemen's clothing; glossary of terms, hairstyes, shirts, shirt collars, underclothes, his jammies, more.  Part one of two.
WHAT DID THEY DO - by Louise Bergin.  What guests at a typical country house party did to amuse themselves during the Regency.  What they ate, times for meals, types of indoor and outdoor activities.
Marrch/April 2004
PLUMBER'S PROGRESS - by Marilyn Clay.  History of the water closet, drainage and sewers; types of water closets in use during the Regency; toilet furniture, more.
THE DEVIL'S OWN - by Melissa Frederick.  English origins of common phrases, such as: Piping Hot, Hue and Cry, Takes the Cheese, Red Tape, Hurry Up, Go to the Dickens, Gone Batty, By Hook or by Crook, many more!
THE SELF-CONSCIOUS COLLECTOR - by Victoria Hinshaw.  Prinny's taste in art, furniture, architecture; his rebellion against anything his father favored.
ALBANY: Bachelor's Quarters in Regency London  - by Cheryl Bolen.  History of this elegant mansion in London. When it was built, by whom, how it became home to many of the world's most famous literary persons.
FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES - by Ashley Warrington.  List of foreign words and their meanings; for use in Regency or historical novels.
CHARLES AND MARY LAMB - by Marilyn Clay.  A bio of this famous Regency-era pair.  Article covers their early and later life; Mary's insanity, Charles' writing. 
November/December 2003
CIRCULATING LIBRARIES - by Annemarie Hasnain.  All about subscription and circulating libraries during the Regency.  Types of books found, description of the libraries, other items available at libraries, where they were located in cities and the country, fees to borrow, number of books offered, titles, more.
MY LADY SCANDALOUS  by Jo Manning.  Part three of the series on the life of Grace Dalrymple Elliot; her release from prison, return to England, reception there, her death.
PISTOLS AND DUELING IN ENGLAND by Shannon Donnelly.  Early types of guns, description of, firing, mis-firing, dueling pistols.  Some famous duels, murder trials, more.
A BRIEF LOOK AT THE 1814 PEACE CELEBRATIONS by Amanda McCabe.  The festivities celebrating the 1814 Peace Treaty in London; who attended, what happened.
September/October  2003
A HIGHWAYMAN CAME RIDING - by Gail Ford.  True accounts of those swashbuckling Georgian and Regency-era highwaymen such as Dick Turpin, Maclaine, Plunket, Captain Tom King, Swift Nick, and others.
LONDON'S CATHEDRALS, ABBEY'S & CHURCHES - by Victoria Hinshaw. Part Two: A continunation of the descriptive look at some of the Regencys most impressive churches and cathedrals. 
A SOLDIER'S EVERYDAY LIFE ON THE PENINSULA - by Amanda McCabe.  Part Two: Buying commissions; supplies, recognition, fighting, more.   
July/August 2003
GREEN BAG TRAVELERS  - by Emily Hendrickson.  What a Regency-era traveler would see on a cross-country trip in England.  Notes on scenery, inns, land lords, the countryside, great houses and road conditions written by an actual 19th C. Green Bag traveler.  Also canal boats and more.
LONDON'S CATHEDRALS, ABBEY'S & CHURCHES - by Victoria Hinshaw.  In part one of this series, we are given a descriptive look at some of the Regency-era's most impressive churches and cathedrals.  Covered this time are St. George's Hanover Square, St. James's, and Westminster Abbey.
WHAT'S IN A REGENCY? - by Blair Bancroft.  A comprative study of the differences between the traditional Regency romance novel vs. the Regency-set historical novel.  Differences in length, money earned in writing both, publishers, humor, language, drama, style, manners, and common mistakes found in both types of novels.
May/June 2003
THE FANCY - by Shannon Donnelly.  All about the Regency's famous pugilists.  Gentleman's Jackson's Boxing Salon, famous boxing champions. Illustrated with picture of bare-knuckle boxers in the ring.
TAKE TWO LEECHES AND CALL ME IN THE MORNING - by Sherrie Holmes.  The uses of leeches in Regency-era medicine.  Leech farms, harvesting, modern-day uses begun in the 1800s.
COCK FIGHTING IN THE REGENCY - by Amy Garnett.  Where Regency gentlemen conducted cock fights, price of admission, pic of a cock fighting chair.
THE SCOTTISH DANCE - by Gail Ford.  Story of "The Ecossaise"-- a Scottish dance with Russian and French connections.
MY LADY SCANDALOUS - by Jo Manning.  Part two. Bio of the infamous Grace Dalyrmple Elliott, another of the Prince Regent's mistresses.  Part two focuses on Grace's life in Paris during the Reign of Terror. 
March/April 2003
LOVE AND WAR - by Marilyn Clay.  True stories of courageous women who followed their men to war during the Napoleonic conflicts.  Where they lived, conditions and descriptions of the camps,  women and children who were captured by the French; remarrying on campaign after a husband was killed.
THE RELUCTANT SAILOR - by Lynn Collum.  How the Royal Navy "recruited" men to serve; Press Gangs (the official Impress service).  Pressing on merchant ships, and in America.  True stories of men who were pressed into service.
MY LADY SCANDALOUS - by Jo Manning.  Bio of the infamous Grace Dalyrmple Elliott, another of the Prince Regent's mistresses.  Her marriage, divorce, her lovers, life in Paris and birth of her daughter by the Prince of Wales.
January/February 2003
SEEING STARS: THE RISE OF THE GRAND AMATEUR - by Regina Scott.  Regency ladies and gentlemen who were fascinated with the stars, the rise of astrology, Royal Astronomers, telescopes, planets discovered during the Regency; comets & more.
THREE ELIZABETHS & ANOTHER MARIA: The Women He Loved - by Marilyn Clay.  More bios on more of the women the Prince of Wales loved before, during, and after his famous marriage(s).
WILLIAM SMITH, THE FATHER OF ENGLISH GEOLOGY - by Victoria Hinshaw.  Fascinating account of the man who published the map that changed the world.
A SOLDIER'S LIFE ON THE PENINSULA - by Amanda McCabe.  Tells us about the Infantry, the Cavalry, division of duties in the Royal Army, horses, weapons, training and more.
November/December 2002
CORINTHIANS, DANDIES, RAKES & YOUNG BLADES - by Shannon Donnelly.  What distinguished a Corinthinan from a Dandy and a rake.  Bios of a few of the more famous Regency Corinthians.  Their clothes, clubs, past-times, haunts.
A REGENCY PLUME INTERVIEW WITH BARBARA METZGER - Questions answered by the popular Regency romance author.  Barbara tells us about a typical writing day, her first sale, how she conceives and writes a book.
RIVER RACING & OTHER PLEASURES - by Gail Eastwood.  Colorful history of the river Thames in London, festivites, "floats", races on England's other rivers.
MONEY, MONEY, MONEY - by Marilyn Clay-Traweek.  How a young man who had little money during the Regency got along.  What annunities and investments paid then.  What happened when he could not pay his creditors.
September/October 2002
DINING IN STYLE - by Emily Hendrickson.  The proper rules for a dinner party during the Regency; foods served in each course, protocol for lords and ladies entering the dining chamber, the removes, wines, coffee, after-dinner drinks and entertainment; calling on one's hostess afterwards.  A bit on balls.
FANNY BURNEY - part two; by Cheryl Bolen.  Fanny's account of the King's malady; her marriage, birth of her son, married life, her death.
CONSERVATORIES, ORANGERIES, GREENHOUSES - by Victoria Hinshaw.  History of, description of most famous; fruits grown during the Regency.
July/August 2002
UP, UP, AND AWAY!  - by Lynn Collum  The colorful history behind hot air ballooning; which began in France and spread to England.

THE DIARY OF FANNY BURNEY - by Cheryl Bolen.  An overview of the life of Fanny Burney, her literary accomplishments, her life at Windsor Castle; part two to follow.

TATTLEBROTH and GOSSIP: Peeking Inside the Lady's Magazine -by Elizabeth Boyle.  Interesting and amusing marriage and death notices which appeared in an 1801 issue of this Regency-era magazine.

May/June 2002

MARY DARBY ROBINSON - by Marilyn Clay-Traweek.  The story of Mary Darby Robinson, who most historians agree was the Prince of Wales' first mistress. Much of this account of Mary's association with the Prince is in her own words.
MISCELLANY ON LONDON - by Jennifer Edwards.  Excerpts from various letters and journals written in the early 19th C. regarding hackney coaches, Almack's, English weather, shops, invitations.
THE DUCHESS OF DEVONSHIRE -by Amy Garnet.  A biographical sketch from La Belle Assemblee regarding the marriage of Lady Elizabeth Foster to the 5th Duke of Devonshire in 1809, with additional commentary on her life.
March/April 2002
COKE OF NORFOLK - by June Calvin.  Bio. of Thomas W. Coke, MP, agriculturist, the man who "won the war with a ploughshare."
PERILOUS JOURNEYS - by Melissa Frederick. Accounts of coaching accidents, patent safety coaches.  Leaders, wheelers, blind horses; perils of riding on top.
IN A WORD - by Marilyn Clay. Origins of Regency-era words; word list and dates of first usage.
RETURN TO NATURE - by Alissa Baxter.  Influences on Regency folk to enjoy simpler life; art, conservatories in country homes.
January/February 2002
ELEGANT & PLENTIFUL - by Shannon Donnelly.  Regency menus, food preparation, foods eaten, meal times.
THOROUGHBRED OF ENGLISH SPORTS - by Cheryl Bolen. Horse racing courses, when held, who attended.
CRIME & PRISON REFORM - by Sheila Roberson. Crimes punishable by death, reformers, prison conditions, hangings.
November/December 2001
REMEMBERING PRINCESS AMELIA - by Kathy Hammel. Life and death of the much-loved youngest princess.
THE HARP-PLAYING GRANDMOTHER - Pt. 2 in series - by Marilyn Clay. Lady Jersey's love affair with the Prince Regent.
BABES IN ARMS - by Melissa Frederick.  History of London's Foundling Hospital; how infants were named, admittance requirements, who took care of babies, fund raisers, more.
September/October 2001
STYLISH HORSES - by Shannon Donnelly.  Favorite Regency types for hunting, riding, racing & carriage ponies.
SEA-TO-SEA WALKING TOUR - by Martha Kirkland. The path across England then and now; famous inns and description of landscape along the way.
SWEET LASS OF RICHMOND HILL - First in a series on "The Women He Loved"- by Marilyn Clay. The Prince Regent marries Maria Fitzherbert.
REGENCY MEDICINES - by Amy Garnet.  The subtle difference between a doctor and a surgeon.
July/August 2001
REGENCY-ERA CHILDREN'S BOOKS - by Marilyn Clay. Different types published during the Regency, titles, dates, more.
300 YEARS OR REPRESSION - by Jo Manning. History of Catholic emancipation in England.
GEORGETTE HEYER - by Mary Fahnestock-Thomas.  Heyer's mysteries, personal anecdotes, other titles.

May/June 2001

THE REGENCY POST - by Shannon Donnelly.  History of British postal system, chart showing cost to mail a letter from different parts of the realm, "franking" explained.

FROST FAIR OF 1814 - by Dorothy Compton. Amusements on the frozen Thames, handbills printed, booths set up, deaths, more.

ENTERTAINERS AT SADLER'S WELLS - by Marilyn Clay. History of famous spa, who entertained, cost to drink waters, detailed description of grounds.

March/April 2001

WEDGWOOD:Potter to the Queen - by Amy Garnet.  Studios where Wedgwood was an apprentice.  Types of china made, decoration, costs to produce & buy.

A WIFE FOR THE IRON DUKE - by Sheila Roberson. Wellington's marriage to Kitty Packenham.

FORGERS & BANK ROBBERS - by Marilyn Clay.  Regency bank note forgers, embezzlers, ways forgers were apprehended, punishments.

January/February 2001

VICTORY AT SEA - by Victoria Hinshaw. Tour of Nelson's flagship.  Facts about.

SEASONS IN AN ENGLISH MEADOW - by Martha Kirkland. Vegetation found on a walking tour in winter.

MY LADY'S KNICKERS - by Maureen Mackey. Types & history of ladies underwear.

A MERE MORTAL - by Melissa Frederick.  A personal view of Napoleon, the man.  His clothes, personal habits, illnesses, cures, Josephine.






November/December 2000

NAPOLEON'S LOVERS - by Melissa Frederick.  His love affairs while married to Josephine, eyewitness accounts from his personal valet.

WELLLINGTON'S PENINSULAR SPIES - by Elizabeth Boyle. Real men who risked their lives to spy for England.

ULTIMATE DIPLOMAT - by Sheila Roberson.  Part 4 in a series on the Nelson/Emma love affaire.  Bio. of Sir William Hamilton, his marriage to Emma Hart, their life in Italy after she meets Admiral Nelson; their return to England and Sir Hamilton's death.

WHAT IS AN E-BOOK - by Maureen Mackey (new author of a Regency e-book)Descriptions, how to obtain, and read an e-book.

September/October 2000

A GRETNA GREEN WEDDING - by Shannon Donnelly. Who married run-away couples, the ceremony, how long it took to get to Gretna Green.  Map showing where Gretna Green is.

SEASONS IN AN ENGLISH MEADOW - by Martha Kirkland. Vegetation found on a walking tour in Autumn.

REGENCY-ERA PRISONS, PUNISHMENT, REFORM - by Marilyn Clay.  Reformer Elizabeth Fry works to improve conditions in London prisons for women.

19th C. ETIQUETTE - by Maureen Mackey.  Proper behaviour rules for ladies and gentlemen.  Quotes, anecdotes.

July/August 2000

SHIPS, CARTS, FLYING MACHINES - by Shirley Kennedy. How one traveled in Regency times, the various stages of a trip to Ireland.

REGENCY GARDEN BUILDINGS - by Debbie Raleigh. Types, decocrations, where located in the country home.

SEASONS IN AN ENGLISH MEADOW - by Martha Kirkland. A walk in summer-- flowers, birds, insects, woodland animals found.

ARRIVAL OF THE WALTZ - by Jack Gumpert Wasserman.  Actual newspaper accounts of the scandal caused when the waltz arrived in London.

May/June 2000

BIOS OF THE NOT-SO-FAMOUS - by Kathy Hammel.  Actual bios. reprinted w/pictures from The Lady's Monthly Museum in 1810.

SEASONS IN AN ENGLISH MEADOW - by Martha Kirkland. Flowers, insects, woodland animals seen on a walk in Spring.

A REGENCY KITCHEN - by JoAnn Ferguson. Where located in house,  various implements, descriptions of ovens, more.

TEN YEARS OF THE REGENCY PLUME - by Marilyn Clay. Reminiscences of a decade of THE PLUME; new author sales, more.

March/April 2000

COUNTRY CHARITY - by Elena Green.  Country gentlemen come to the aid of rural poor in 19th Century England.

ENGLISH COTTAGES - by Martha Kirkland. Description of the different types of cottages to be found in England.  When built and lived in.

THE STYLISH EMPRESS - by Jo Manning.  How Josephine came to be a fashion trend setter in France and England.

IRISH TRAVELERS - by Patricia Bray.  Accounts from Regency visitors to Ireland.

January/February 2000

THE REGENT BECOMES KING - by Marilyn Clay. Events leading to coronation, detailed description of George IV's coronation day.

SEA BLOCKAGES - by Jo Ann Ferguson.  French & English coast during war.

CELEBRATING IN STYLE - by Melissa Frederick.  Establishment of Regency-era gentlemen's clubs--Boodle's, Brooks's, the Macaroni, others; and a private ladies club.

November/December 1999

LA BEAU MONDE - by Kathy Hammel.  History of the Regency gentleman's magazine.

WHAT'S IN A NAME - by Sheri Cobb South.  Popular Christian names for Regency boys & girls.

REGENCY CHRISTMAS TOYS - by Amy Garnet. Pictures and descriptions of popular Regency toys, names of toysellers.

ULTIMATE DIPLOMAT, Part 3 - by Sheila Roberson.  Nelson/Emma love affaire.

Research Question Answered on courtesy titles, amd English court system by Jo Beverley.

September/October 1999

OLDE LONDON TAVERNS - by Marilyn Clay. Anecdotes, names of taverns, dates, locations, who frequented.

AH! THOSE ROMANTIC RUINS - by Shirley Kennedy. Legends associated with; locations, dates, descriptions of old abbey ruins.

ASTLEY'S AMPHITHEATRE - by Nina Coombs Pykare. History of circus, names of hippodramas, the actors, types & length of performances.

PURCHASING COMMISSIONS - by Alicia Rasley.  How a Regency gentleman became an army officer.

Research Question Answered on adoption & inheriting by Emily Hendrickson.

July/August 1999

THE GRAND TOUR - by Emily Hendrickson. Traveling on the continent after Waterloo.

THE ULTIMATE DIPLOMAT, Pt. 2 - Sheila Roberson.  Emma/Nelson love affaire.

MIDWIVES:Women of Power - by Laurie Alice Eakes.  A midwife's duties, payment, secrets learned while working.

DANCING IN PARIS - by Melissa Frederick.  Excerpts from personal diary of Miss Berry.

May/June 1999

THE ULTIMATE DIPLOMAT, part one - by Sheila Roberson.  Bio. of Sir William Hamilton, his marriage to Emma Hart, their life in Italy before she met Admiral Nelson.

THE LITERATE COURTESAN - by Jo Manning.  Reading tastes of the infamous Regency courtesan Harriette Wilson, her lovers.

THE ROYAL MAIL - by Marilyn Clay. The olde Lombard St. post office in London in 1820, parades & celebrations.

A RAPID RAMBLE THROUGH REGENCY LONDON - by Julia Justiss.  A brisk 3-day walking tour for present-day London travelers.

March/April 1999

THE GYPSY'S TALE - by Marilyn Clay.  True story of gypsy's curse that foretold 3 deaths in Royal family.  Duke of Kent's marriage, Princess Victoria's birth, King George III's death.

SAW & SCAPEL - by Ginger Hanson.  Medical practices and advances in Regency times.

LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE - by Kathy Hammel.  John Bell's famous magazine.

ARISTOCRATIC RANKINGS - by Deanna Durbin.  Order of precedence for ladies when being taken into dinner, or at formal occasions.

January/February 1999

ALMACK'S ASSEMBLY ROOMS - by Marsha Bertino.  Quotes from early visitors; location, size, detailed description of rooms.

"THE GENTLEMEN" - by Diane Farr. Smugglers along England's coast; where loot was hidden.

JEWEL IN THE CROWN - by Lynn Collum.  Trading in Calcutta.

REVOLUTIONARY FABRIC - by Sheri Cobb South.  19th C. cottage industry.

November/December 1998

 A CONTINENTAL POWER - by June Calvin.  Bio. of Madame de Stael, the learned French woman who was feared by both England and Napoleon.
REGENCY RETAILERS - by Marilyn Clay.  Merchants, tradesmen, costermongers, tallypackmen.
NAPOLEON'S PARIS - by Elizabeth Boyle.  The Tuileres Palace in 1799, Malmaison, Josephine decorates.
September/October 1998
CARO LAMB - by Anne Barbour.  Bio. of this scandalous daughter of the Regency; her affiar with Lord Byron, marriage, writing, death.
HOME SWEET HOME - by Elizabeth Ashford.  Compares country & city homes, explains difference between Park, Manor, Grange, Court, Hall.
A STITCH IN TIME - by Marilyn Clay.  Types of stitchery and needlework, names of Regency-era pattern books, picture of an embroidered reticule.
FIREMARKS - by Kristine Hughes.  Houses plaques, Regency firefighting & insurance companies.
TAKING ORDERS - by Emily Hendrickson. Qualifications to enter clergy in 19th Century England.
July/August 1998
ACKERMANN'S REPOSITORY - by Kathy Hammel.  Contents of famous ladies magazine, columns, letters to editor, ads, more.
PORTUGAL - by Martha Kirkland.  Campaigns fought here in Peninsular war, terrain.
LATE GEORGIAN COSTUME - by R. L. Shep.  The art of tying the cravat; pictures illlustrating popular twists of the linen.
REGENCY FABRICS - by Elizabeth Ashford. Names & descriptions of fabrics used for ladies & gentlemen's clothing.
May/June 1998
LONDON'S ROYAL PARKS - by Jessie Watson.  Hyde, Green, St. James's.
A SPY BY ANY OTHER NAME - by Barbara Miller.  French vs. British spying methods.
EVERYDAY LIFE IN REGENCY & VICTORIAN ENGLAND - excerpts from book by Kristine Hughes.
REGENCY TIMELINE:1805 - by Melissa Frederick.  War with Austria, Nelson's death.
March/April 1998
REGENCY FLOWER GARDENS - by Carola Dunn. Names of flowers, blooming seasons, descriptions.
LEGENDARY LEAVES - by Jane Toombs.  Scottish & Welsh myths regarding local plants.
THE LADY'S MONTHLY MUSEUM - by Kathy Hammel. History of 19th C. ladies magazine.
THEY COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NIGHT - by Marilyn Clay.  Anthology of Regency dances.  Period illlustrations showing hand and feet positions.
January/February 1998
LADIES MAGAZINES - Pt. 1, hist. of four leading ladies magazines of the Regency period - by Kathy Hammel.  Focus on The Lady's Magazine.
THIS 'N THAT - Elizabeth Ashford. Terms & definitions relating to 19th C. English court system.
FEDERALIST & REGENCY COSTUME:1790-1819 - by R. L. Shep. Men's & ladies fashion commentaries, fashion plates from La Belle Assemblee.
THE REGENCY TIMELINE:1804 - by Melissa Frederick.  Napoleon made emperor, Regent & Princess of Wales quarrel with King.
November/December 1997
CATERING TO THE REGENCY CUSTOMER - by Jessie Watson.  Where the ton shopped; prices.
EATING & DRINKING - by Marilyn Clay.  19th C. cookbooks; recipes for Sally Lunns, Shrewsbury cakes, Damson Dumplings, Whim-Whams.
THE SPORT OF KINGS - by Lynn Collum. History of thoroughbred stallions.
REGENCY TIMELINE:1804 - by Melissa Frederick.  Events in 1804.
September/October 1997
LET THEM EAT CAKE...IN ENGLAND! - by ELizabeth Boyle.  French emigres in London.
REGENCY ETIQUETTE:The Mirror of Graces - by Marilyn Clay.  Excerpts from 1819 book.
THIS 'N THAT - by Elizabeth Ashford.  Terms & definitions relating to the Season, clergy, church, historic London sites.
REGENCY TIMELINE:1803-04 - by Melissa Frederick.  Fear grips England as French invasion threats continue.
July/August 1997
THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN - by Shirley Kennedy.  Bios. of Ladies Jersey, Cowper, Sefton, Castlereagh, Mrs. Drummond-Burrel, Countess Lieven, Princess Esterhazy.
SHIVER ME TIMBERS - by Marilyn Clay.  Detailed descriptions of the different types of 19th C. sailing and fighting ships, how built, number of guns aboard.
REGENCY TIMELINE:1803 - by Melissa Frederick.  Events in 1803.
THE ELGIN MARBLES - by Elisabeth Kidd.  Where found, story of how marbles got to London, cost to ship, more.
May/June 1997
FASHION ACCESSORIES - by Kathy Hammel.  Descriptions of Regency-era shoes, gloves, muffs, reticules; period illustrations.
ARE YOU BEING SERVED - by Anne Barbour.  Duties and wages of housekeepers, lady's maids, governesses, nurses, cooks, upper and under house maids, scullery, laundry, dairy, still room workers and nursery maids.
LONDON HOTELS IN 1814 - from Captain Gronow's Memoirs.
ADVICE TO A FOOTMAN IN 1825 - from The Footman's Directory.
March/April 1997
THE ROYAL STABLES - by Elizabeth Ashford.  Building the rotunda and riding house at the Royal Pavillion in Brighton.
AS YOU WISH, MADAM - by Jeanne Savery.  Male servants' wages, uniforms, hierarchy, duties.
THE BRITISH MILITARY - by Martha Kirkland and Marilyn Clay. Chain of command, duties, titles, wages, uniforms, with illustrations.
REGENCY TIMELINE:1803 - by Melissa Frederick.  Napoleon's plan to conquer the Brits.  Wellesley's campaign in India, Caroline's scheme to upset royal household in England.
January/February 1997
ROYAL ROGUES - by Lynn Collum.  Fates of the 15 children born to King George III with emphasis on the Regent's brothers.
TWIDDLE-TWADDLE - by Carola Dunn. Common mistakes found in Regency romance novels, titles, names, language, food.
THE GOTHIC NOVEL IN THE 19TH C.  - by Jo Ann Ferguson.  Favorite themes, settings, titles of books published then, publisher's names.
A CALL TO ARMS - by Julia Kingery.  State of Regency romance market.
November/December 1996
OH! YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL - by Marilyn Clay. Peddlar, pincushion, Gypsy, Fortune Telling doll and others.
FIRST SERVED - by Anne Barbour. Servant's duties, heirarchy, upstairs and downstairs maids.
PLACE YOUR BETS GENTLEMEN! - by Nancy Lawrence. Women who ran gambling houses, the men who frequented them.
DON'T FENCE ME IN - by Tracy Grant. Enclosures & clearances laws.
REGENCY TIMELINE:1803 - by Melissa Frederick.  Cold war, Nelson, Wellington.
September/October 1996
BROOKS' OR WHITE'S? - by Carol Quinto. Distinctions between the two popular Regency gentlemen's clubs--rules, dues, who belonged, more.
WELLINGTON'S ENGINEERS - by Barbara Miller. Role of sappers during the Peninsular War, soldier's uniforms, duties, wages.
A FRIVOLOUS DISTINCTION - by Kathy Hammel.  Hussar capes, pelisses, cloaks, witzchouras, Spencers, fabrics, trimmings. Period illlustrations.
July/August 1996
WOMEN WRITERS OF THE REGENCY - by Marilyn Clay. Bios of Mary Meeks, Jane West, Elizabeth Inchbald, Frances Wright. Penny novel titles, Minervas.
OH! THOSE MEN IN UNIFORM - by Lynn Collum. Evolution of the British Navy uniform.
DANDIES & BEAUS - by Emily Hendrickson. Subtle differences between fop, dandy, Corinthinan, blood, blade, dandyprat.
REGENCY TIMELINE:1801-02 - by Melissa Frederick. Political events, terms of peace treaties.
May/June 1996
THE BACHELOR DUKE - by Lynn Kerstan. Bio. of real-life nonpariel in 1811; his fortune, estates, lovers, more.
WHAT'S THAT ON THE WALL? Pt. 2 - by Lionel Johnson. Artist's studios, cost of miniature vs. cost of portrait, famous artists of the period.
A FRIVOLOUS DISTINCTION - by Kathy Hammel.  Bonnets & caps; pics from Ackerman's Repository in 1804 & 1816.
March/April 1996
THE OLD ENGLISH SQUIRE - by Margaret Evans Porter.  Habits, interests, lifestyle, wives and daughters of the country squire.
BE IT EVER SO HUMBLE, pt. 3 - by Gail Eastwood. Room divisions in London townhouse; size and location of garden and ballroom.
JANE AUSTEN IN BATH - by Marilyn Clay.  Excerpts from Jane's letters with places she lived and places she visited pinpointed on map.
January/February 1996
A REGENCY STYLE NEW YEAR - by Pat Cody.  Ways the New Year holiday was celebrated then.
FROM THE GROUND UP - by Emily Hendrickson. Building a new house during the Regency, price of goods, paint colours, materials, etc.
GEORGETTE HEYER - by Nadine Miller. Personal anedcotes, her writing, etc.
JANE AUSTEN'S CHAWTON HOUSE - by Melissa Frederick.  100-year-old picture of the cottage, location, size, when she lived there.
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