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On this page you'll find Regency Reseach Publications developed exclusively for, and available ONLY through, THE REGENCY PLUME Newsletter.  Ordering information and shipping rates are at the bottom of this page.

Or e-mail publisher, Marilyn Clay

1.  REGENCY PERIOD FURNITURE - a soft-bound book containing over 200 excellent quality black-and-white photographs of Regency-era furniture, includes Recamier sofas, settees, gilt-wood chairs, a Regency wheelchair, 18 photographs of pinaofortes, spinets, and a rare "lyraflugel."  Also benches and window seats, rout chairs, corner chairs, a cylinder bureau bookcase, butler's sideboard, pie-crust tea tables, a teapoy table, Pembroke tables, drum tables, a lanterloo table, ladies writing tables, 3 views of a rare Military bed used by a British General and his lady; a Harlequin desk, a Carlton House desk, Grecian sofas, a child's bed, a day-bed, a chiffonier, coal bins, a chamber pot, actual Regency room settings and much more.  REGENCY PERIOD FURNITURE. . . .$17.00 US

2.  FURNITURE & OTHER ITEMS RELATING TO GENTLEMANLY CONCERNS - nearly 100 black-and-white photographs of unusual items used by Regency-era gentlemen such as: a 19th C. fishing reel, a dressing stand, a Beau Brummell dressing table, a leather wig stand, straddle chairs, a library armchair, a rent table, a pair of silver spurs with an 1810 mark, collection of gaming tables, Wellington chest of drawers, library furnishings--step chairs, revolving bookstands, trestle bookcase, kidney, horseshoe and kneehole desks, a reading stand.  Military memorabilia including a British officer's document box, an officer's gun case, a midshipman's chest dated 1810, terrestrial globes, a collection of snuff boxes, a rare gout stool, wine coolers, cellarettes, a wine canterbury, inkstands, a gentleman's corner washstand, cork screws, smoking tools, a "Rummer" commemorating King George IV's 1812 trip to Dublin, much more.  FURNITURE & OTHER ITEMS RELATING TO GENTLEMANLY CONCERNS...$17.00 US.

3.  BAUBLES & NECESSITIES PERTAINING TO HER LADYSHIP -over 180 black-and-white photographs of Regency-era items such as silver tea caddies, tea caddy spoons, silver tea sets & coffee pots, period jewelry, sedan chairs, a syllabub cup, bed warmers, a silver salver, enameled boxes, knife boxes, vinaigrettes, a candle snuffer, needlework tools, Grandfather & Grandmother clocks, ormolu clocks, urns, vases, gilt figurines, an 1803 brass door knocker, fireplace bellows, brass andirons, crystal chandeliers & other unusual Regency-era light fixtures, ladies worktables, sewing tables, pouch tables, a brass soapbox, a lady's writing set, a Cheval glass, sedan chairs, much more.  BAUBLES & NECESSITIES PERTAINING TO HER LADYSHIP....$17.00 US 

HISTORICAL FOLIOS:  A pocket folder containing prints on loose leaf pages. 

1.  THE LONDON FOLIO - 28 Prints.  Among them are a Fleet marriage certificate, a lottery ticket, a diagram of London parks and squares designed by John Nash in 1811, an 1814 Covent Garden theatre program, a circular announcing Queen Caroline's trial in 1820, three fashion plates from La Belle Assemblee, prints of St. Luke's Church, St. Pancras Church, Hanover Square and Drury Lane Theatre, a page from The Correct Method of Waltzing published in 1816, chart showing London Hackney coach fares, merchant trade cards, shopbills, a circus advertisement, a one pound bank note, a list of expenditures for one of the King's dinners, a news vendor's circular showing the names of all London newspapers, when distributed and their politics, much more.  THE LONDON FOLIO....$32.75 US.

2.  THE BATH FOLIO - 12 Prints.   Includes a rare map of Bath in 1805, print of a token to Sydney Gardens, notice from The Bath Circulating Library, Cheltenham coaching routes in 1820, notice giving the heat of the Bath waters, ladies & gentlemen's fashion plates, paragraph written in George III's hand, City Merchant's advertisement, detail from a Bath to Bristol road map, more.  THE BATH FOLIO.....$21.75 US.

3.  THE MILITARY FOLIO - 18 prints.  Includes maps of Europe in 1815, India in 1785, the Peninsula during Wellington's campaigns; also diagrams for the battles of Busaco (giving actual times of French attacks), Badajoz, Ciudad Rodrigo, Nive, Salamanca, Toulouse; Military operations in Southwest Franch in 1814; ship's and captain's names; photo of Royal Horse Guards uniform, much more.  THE MILITARY FOLIO...$27.50 US.


1.  "The Here & Thereian" a map of Regency London pinpointing over 100 landmarks during the Prince Regent's reign....$8.75 US

2.  "The Literary Map of Scotland & England" packed with names of Counties, Cities, Castles, Abbeys, Rivers, Channels & Seas......$8.75 US

3.  The "Great Landowners of England & Wales" shows County Divisions and names of estates and who owned them.  Originally published in 1865. ..........$10.75 US

4.  Rare Map of Bath in 1805 - Original drawing with names of streets and squares re-touched for easier reading today. .......$10.75 US

5.  Two maps showing East & West Ends of London in 1763; maps are clear and easy to read.  Set of 2 maps.....$14.75 US.

(For a complete list of Reproduction Historical Maps available from THE REGENCY PLUME, click on the Reproduction Historical Maps heading in the purple bar on the left of your screen.)

If you've dreamed of writing your own Regency romance novel, or historical novel set in the late 18th or early 19th century, the following publications will be of help to you.

1. SECRETS TO WRITING & SELLING YOUR REGENCY ROMANCE NOVEL - learn the characteristics of the Regency hero & heroine, and the secrets to creating strong characters, learn how to authenticate Regency-era language; includes a glossary of over 500 English phrases in use during the Regency. Learn the secrets to creating sexual tension and how to form the love-bond between characters; learn how to plot so readers keep turning pages.  Learn how to write the all-important synopsis and what must be included if you hope to sell your book.  Includes scene cards and character development charts, plus a 12-point book editing checklist.  Much more!....$20.00 US plus shipping.

2.  30-Minute Audio Tape - an unedited discussion between published Regency authors Gayle Buck, Marilyn Clay, Judy Christenberry on "What Constitutes the Regency Romance Novel."  The authors discuss plotting techniques, Regency guidelines, what editors want, Regency cant, heros and heroines, and more.  30-Minute Audio Tape...$10.95 US 

3.  THE ASPIRING AUTHOR PACKET - provides names, addresses and phone numbers of every major publishing house, and a list of agents who handle Regency and historical manuscripts.  You'll learn what to include in a query letter to an editor or agent.  Includes copies of actual query letters to editors, and actual rejection letters and what the editor's comments mean.  Gives publisher's guidelines, explains contracts and which parts of your publishing contract are negotiable.  Includes advice from published authors Eileen Putman, Mary Jo Putney, Carola Dunn, Phylis Warady, and Marilyn Clay....$15.00 US. 

NEW SERVICE!  If you have written a Regency romance novel, or historical romance novel set in the Regency period, and do not yet feel confident about submitting your manuscript to a New York editor, you can now have your manuscript professionally edited by multi-published Regency romance author, Marilyn Clay.  For a penny a word, I will critique your synopsis and first three chapters; or critique and edit your entire manuscript.  E-mail me for additional information rearding this New Service, available only from THE REGENCY PLUME Newsletter.  It is not necessary to be a PLUME subscriber to take advantage of this service.

SHIPPING RATES on all research publications listed above:  Include $3.50 postage if you are ordering any of the furniture books, books on writing, or folios.  If you are ordering 1-5 maps, include $1.75 cents with your total map order.  For shipping rates for more than 5 maps, click on the Reproduction Historical Maps heading at left. 

Shipping rates to Canada and foreign countries will vary.  Please e-mail publisher, Marilyn Clay for shipping rates to your country.  In order to determine precise shipping costs, you will need to indicate the exact items you wish to order and include your exact mailing address in your e-mail.  Thank you!

Publication on THE REGENCY PLUME Newsletter, a bi-monthly newsletter especially for people who love to read Regency and Regency-set historical novels, and for the writers who write them, ceased in 2006. If you wish to order any back issues, please click on the Back Issue links on the left hand side panel. All checks or money orders for Regency research publications and/or back issues or subscription fees must be in US dollars, or an international Money Order in US dollars, or ordered via PayPal. 

To order any of the above, or any back issues of THE REGENCY PLUME Newsletter, send a list of the items you are ordering and your check (funds MUST be drawn on a US bank), money order, or international or postal money order, along with your name and mailing address to the current PLUME mailing adress. PLEASE E-MAIL PUBLISHER Marilyn Clay for detailed ordering information if you are using PayPal, and for the current mailing address. Thank you!

For the current Plume mailing address, click here to e-mail publisher Marilyn Clay

The Jan/Feb 2003 issue of  THE REGENCY PLUME Newsletter contains these articles:


SEEING STARS: THE RISE OF THE GRAND AMATEUR  - by Regina Scott.  Regency ladies and gentlemen who were interested in the stars, the rise of astrology during the Regency; telescopes, planets discovered, Royal Astronomers.

THREE ELIZABETHS & ANOTHER MARIA- by Marilyn Clay.  More bios on more of the women the Prince Regent loved before, during and after his marriage(s).

WILLIAM SMITH, THE FATHER OF ENGLISH GEOLOGY - by Victoria Hinshaw. Fascinating account of the man who published the map that changed the world.

A SOLDIER'S LIFE ON THE PENINSULA - by Amanda McCabe. The division of duties in the Royal Army, the Infantry, the Cavalry, weapons, training, horses, more.

All back issues of THE REGENCY PLUME Newsletter are available for purchase.  To view the complete list of articles in back issues, click on the Back Issue Article Index tabs in the purple bar on the left. For ordering information, e-mail publisher Marilyn Clay


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