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(PART TWO:  Back issues from 1991 thru 1995)

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November/December 1995
THE SHADOW ON THE THRONE - by Sarah Starr.  How King George III's influence on the Prince Regent remained in effect throughout the Regency.
A STRANGER IN THE LAND - by Gail Eastwood.  The surprising way that foreign prisoners-of-war were allowed to live in England.
A FRIVOLOUS DISTINCTION - part one.  By Marilyn Clay.  Regency fashion trends, descriptions of clothing from Jane Austen's letters & novels.  Illustrated.
September/October 1995
IS MILADY RECEIVING? - by Jeanne Carmichael.  Protocol for the proper use of calling cards; morning calls, receiving invitations, acknowledging them, "at-homes".
WELLINGTON'S INSPECTOR GENERAL OF HOSPITALS - by Barbara Miller.  Conditions of field hospitals, surgeries, medicines, bandages.
ROYAL GHOSTS - by Marilyn Clay.  Legends associated with famous ghostly apparitions seen in England's palaces and castles.
SWEET WATERS - by Sarah Starr.  Regency perfumes, ingredients, costs.
18th & 19th CENTURY TITLES - by Jo Beverley.  How to keep titles straight.
July/August 1995
THE ENGLISH RIVIERA - by Meg-Lynn Roberts.  Regency Devon's south coast holiday spots.  Exmouth, Sidmouth, Teignmouth.
ROTHSCHILD'S RIVER OF GOLD - by Barbara Miller.  How Nathan Rothchild made his millions during the Napoleonic wars.
FROM LONDON TO BATH - by Julia Kingery. Mile by mile, town by village, a journey from London to Bath. Anecdotes and sights along the road.  Places pinpointed on map illustrating article.
AN INGENIOUS BEDSTEAD FOR THE SICK - by Marilyn Clay.  Illustrated.  Description from 1802 literature.
May/June 1995
THE WOODSMAN COMETH - by Paula Tanner Girard.  A tour around Regency London with emphasis on native trees and forests that were there then.  Illustrated with map.
WILLIAM COBBETT - by JoAnn Ferguson.  Bio of the activist, naturalist and pamphleteer writer.
JUST A PINCH, MY DEAR! - by Kristine Hughes.  All about snuff and boxes.  Anecdotes.
REGENCY REMEDIES - By Sarah Starr.  Regency cures for gout, hiccoughs, asthma.
COURT PRESENTATION - by Carola Dunn.  How a young lady was presented at court, who invited her, who went, when and where held.
March/April 1995
THE ACTOR ON TRIAL - by Marilyn Clay.  The rise and fall of the famous actor, Edmund Kean.
BE IT EVER SO HUMBLE; part two - by Gail Eastwood.  More on 18th & 19th Century London town houses.  Floor plans of the most grand.
THE NABOB - by Donna Davidson.  Origins of East India Company, trade routes, pay scales, pirates, cargos, life on board ship at sea.
January/February 1995
BE IT EVER SO HUMBLE; part one - by Gail Eastwood.  London town houses; famous architects, where build, why so narrow.
COSMETICS - by Jaclyn Reding.  Potions used by young ladies to whiten skin, erase freckles, cure blemishes.  Dangers of some.  Prices of.
REGENCY FURNITURE - by Marilyn Clay.  Famous Regency cabinet makers, shop locations, prices paid for furniture, glossary of unusual terms.
SERVANT'S LIVERY - by Kristine Hughes.  Uniform descriptions of tigers, butlers, cooks, footmen.
November/December 1994
WHAT'S THAT ON THE WALL? part one - by Lionel Johnson.  A progressive history of English art, highlighting Regency artists.
FANS - by Kristine Hughes.  The history of Regency-era fan making; different styles popular during the Regency.
FAN FLIRTATION - chart giving the meanings of various fan & glove movements.
THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS PAST - by Marilyn Clay.  History of the Christmas season; olde customs, traditions, names of Christmas songs.  How the season was observed.
GARDENS OF THE CURIOUS - by Melissa Frederick.  Remedies from Culpeper.
September/October 1994
THE REGENCY CHRONOLOGY: Part Three - 1817-1820 - by Marilyn Clay.  Princess Caroline's death, Victoria's birth, the Regent becomes King.
THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND - from the Angela Thirkel Society.  Explains High, Low and Broad Church; how clergy was addressed. Hierarchy of Canons, Archdeans, Deans.
THE GREVILLE MEMOIRS - by Melissa Frederick.  Excerpts from Greville diary, entries about Duke of York, Oatlands, racing.
WHAT KIND OF BLOCK AM I? - by JoAnn Ferguson.  The different ways of calling one a fool in popular Regency slang terms.
July/August 1994
THE WICKED LORD BYRON - by June Calvin.  The scandalous escapades of Byron including his affair with Caro Lamb, mistresses, homosexual conduct.
QUEEN OF HEARTS - by Lynn Kerstan.  Famous Regency courtesan, the Harriette Wilson story.
OFF THE TURNPIKES - by Gail Eastwood.  Travel along back roadways, rivers, canals in old England.
LANGUAGE OF WAR -  by Anne Barbour.  19th C. war terms and definitions.
May/June 1994
A MENAGERIE, A MINT, A MUSEUM - by Marilyn Clay.  History of the Tower of London, animals, jewels, descriptions of ancient armour displayed, escapes from Tower, more.
MUSIC TO OUR EARS - by Tammy Loy. Birth of the London Philharmonic Society, names of music and conductors during Regency period.
LORD MAYOR & SEDITIOUS ACTIVITY IN 1816 - by Kate Moore.  Ways that London's Lord Mayor tried to halt worker's riots in 1816. 
BATH ADDRESS BOOK - by Marilyn Clay.  Names and addresses of famous people who lived in Bath in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries.
BRITISH SPYING ACTIVITY - question answered by Alicia Rasley.
March/April 1994
GOTTA' SING, GOTTA' DANCE - by Margaret E. Porter.  A guide to Regency theatres in London, Bath, Bristol, Brighton, Edinburgh.  Who performed.  Cost to attend.
ON THE ROAD AGAIN - by JoAnn Ferguson.  Travel on the continent during the Regency.
THE PENINSULAR WAR - by Tracy Grant.  Chronicle of Wellington's famous war campaigns.
CALL ME ISHMAEL - by Robin Hacking.  Accounts of famous seafaring disasters of the period.
January/February - 1994
GENTLEMEN'S FASHION - by Jo Manning.  The style of dress for a Regency gentleman, patterns, famous tailors.
A REGENCY ARTIST - by Barbara Sherrod.  The art of Amelia J. Murray.
BE MINE, & I SHALL BE THINE - by Kristine Hughes.  History of Valentines.
A VIOLET BY A MOSSY STONE - by Carola Dunn.  Chart showing wildflowers, with blooming times, description, colors, where they grow.
SO THAT'S HOW HE DID IT - by Kristine Hughes.  Anecdotes about Beau Brummell.
November/December 1993
TOYS IN THE ATTIC - by Teresa DesJardien. Popular Regency toys, and games played by Regency children.
...AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT - by Jo Ann Ferguson.  Christmas customs, history.
THE ARMY THAT DEFEATED NAPOLEON - by Alicia Rasley.  Wellington's army organization, uniform colors, regiment names.
THE TITLE'S THE THING - by Mary Jo Putney.  Keeping titles straight.
RESEARCH QUESTION ANSWERED - by Emily Hendrickson.  Tapes in a young lady's gown.
September/October 1993
BY THE SEA - by Meg Lynn Roberts.  Famous English seaside resorts.
SWORDS OR PISTOLS - by Maria Greene.  All about dueling, rules, weapons, places duels were held.
PUTTING ASUNDER - by Laurel Watson.  19th C. divorce laws.
OLD LONDON STREET MARKETS - by Jeanne Carmichael. Colorful history about markets.
MARKET NEWS - by Marilyn Clay.  Reports from New York from Regency romance editors.
July/August 1993
SUMMERTIME - by Margaret E. Porter.  Games played by Regency children and adults; other warm weather diversions.
QUEEN OF REGENCY ROMANCE - by Jeanne Carmichael.  Bio. of Georgette Heyer.
THE INFAMOUS ARMY - by Alicia Rasley.  Wellington's army, famous battle sites.
THE REGENCY CHRONOLOGY:1814-1817 - by Marilyn Clay.  The Vienna Congress, the Corn Laws, Princess Charlotte's wedding.
MayJune 1993
PUTTING THE QUEEN ASUNDER - by Tracy Grant.  The scandal surrounding the Prince Regent, Princess Caroline's conduct in Italy.  Her trial.
REGENCY TRAVEL - by Jo Ann Ferguson.  The places they went, what they did and saw.
CARRIAGES - by Carolynn Sue Carey.  Descriptions of carriages in use during the Regency; pictures, dates in use.
FRUITS & VEGETABLES - by Carola Dunn.  Chart showing various fruit and vegetables, growing season, times of harvest in Regency England.
March/April 1993
BOX, PIT & GALLERY - by Margaret E. Porter.  All about London, Bath & Brighton theatres in Regency England.
EDUCATION IN 18th & 19th C. ENGLAND -  by Susan Spruell.  Types of schools available for Regency girls and boys.  Subjects studied.
EDUCATING THE BRONTE'S - by Marilyn Clay.  Conditions of the church-school the younger Bronte siblings attended.  Foods eaten, daily routine, clothes worn, diseases, death at school.
LONDON TIMES NOTICES: from July 1811 - advertisements.
BURIAL & GRAVESIDE CUSTOMS - by Carola Dunn.  Who attended funerals.
January/February 1993
REGENCY FASHION - by Jo Manning.  "Fashion Babies" from France.  Influence from ladies magazines of the period.  Illustration.
CURRENCY - Margaret E. Porter.  How much wealth constituted wealth?  Prices of goods, cost of living in Regency England.
THE REGENCY CHRONOLOGY: 1810-1814 - by Marilyn Clay.  The Prince Regent; events and war in 1814.
TWELFTH NIGHT CAKE - by Carola Dunn.  Holiday customs and recipe for 12th Night Cake.
RESEARCH QUESTION ANSWERED on the Season  vs. the little Season by Emily Hendrickson.
November/December 1992
TEA, ANYONE? - by Shannon Brailsford.  Sources of tea, cost to consumer during Regency period, famous blends then.
POSTILLIONS & TIGERS -  by Carolynn Sue Carey.  Types of carriage workers, duties, wages, more.
TOPPINGS - by Alicia Rasley.  Description and illustrations of various types of Regency caps and bonnets.
GEORGETTE HEYER'S REGENCIES - by Joanne Forman.  Names and plots of her books.
18th C. RECIPES - Plum cake, pound cake, mince pie.  Recipes from 1770.
September/October 1992
THOSE WHO SERVED - by Cathleen Clare.  Classification of servants, their duties.
WHAT IS A REGENCY? - by Marilyn Clay.  Results from THE REGENCY PLUME questionnaire.
ALL HALLOW'S EVE - by Teresa DesJardien.  Old Halloween customs.
FOUR-IN-HAND CLUB - by Melinda McRae.  Notice from London Times.
July/August 1992
REGENCY BIRDS 'N BEES - by Margaret E. Porter.  Sexual conduct during the Regency among ladies and gentlemen.
REMAINS TO BE SEEN - by Anne Barbour.  Locations and history behind ancient Roman ruins uncovered during the Regency.
DOWN THE ROAD IN GLORY - by Marilyn Clay.  The Golden Age of Coaching.  Inns, horses, coachmen, schedules, road conditions.
May/June 1992
BOW STREET & THE UNDERWORLD - by Maria Greene.  Crime in Regency England; the Bow Street Runners.
GAMES OF CHANCE - by Alicia Rasley.  Rules of Regency-era dice and card games.
MARRIAGE LICENSES - by Emily Hendrickson.  The different types of marriage licenses and how they were obtained.
RESEARCH QUESTION ANSWERED on pregnancy & birth control during the Regency.
March/April 1992
AFTER THE FOX - by Margaret E. Porter.  All about hunts, where held, famous hunt masters, dates, stables, hunting terms.
19TH C. AMUSEMENTS - by Emily Hendrickson.  Theatres and pleasure gardens in Regency London.
A REGENCY GARDEN - by Rebecca North (aka. Jo Ann Ferguson).  What blooms when.
LONDON MERCHANTS - by Carol Michaels (aka Carol Quinto).  History of craft guilds and livery companies.
RESEARCH QUESTION ANSWERED by Emily Hendrickson on meaning of "scratch".
January/February 1992
THE PALE ROSE - by Phylis Ann Warady.  Bio of Almack Patroness Emily Cowper.
NOVELS DURING THE REGENCY - by Carola Dunn.  Names of popular Regency-era novels, authors, dates published.
A TOUR OF BRIGHTON - by Margaret E. Porter.  Amusements and what one would have seen in and around Brighton in early 19th C.
THITHER NASH IN BATH - by Marilyn Clay.  Assembly rules of conduct when Thither Nash was Master of Ceremony.
October/November/December 1991
BEAU BRUMMELL - by Marilyn Clay.  Biography of the famous Beau, his friendship with Prince, his clothes, anecdotes.
REGENCY UNDERGARMENTS - by Cynthia Bailey-Pratt.  What ladies wore beneath their clothes.
GENTLEMEN'S CLUBS - by Alicia Rasley.  Names of famous gentlemen's clubs, dates in operation, anecdotes.
REGENCY WEDDINGS - by Emily Hendrickson.  Description of wedding clothes wore by ladies and gentlemen, who attended weddings, where held, costs.
A REGENCY CHRISTMAS - by Melissa Frederick.  Christmas customs, gifts given during season.
August/September 1991
DIVORCE IN REGENCY TIMES - by Melinda McRae. How a divorce was obtained during the Regency.
A TOUR OF BATH -  by Margaret E. Porter.  What one would have seen in Bath during the Regency, amusements, more.
COMME IL FAUT - by Judy Christenberry.  A list of French words and phrases commonly used during the Regency, meanings of.
JANE AUSTEN: SECURING LODGING IN BATH - by Marilyn Clay.  Notes from her letters.
MUSIC POPULAR DURING THE REGENCY - by Emily Hendrickson.  Names of many popular songs from the period.
June/July 1991
THE NAPOLEONIC WAR - by Alicia Rasley.  The themes of war.
THE REGENCY HOME - by Rebecca North.  Descriptions of furnishings, materials, interiors of a Regency-era home.
PLEASURE GARDENS - by Kathryn Young.  Names of famous Regency-era pleasure gardens, amusements, cost of entertainment, food eaten, more.
POSTING TO BRIGHTON - by Melinda Pryce.  Inns along the way on a coach trip to Brighton.
April/May 1991
THE BRILLIANT BUFFOON - by Kathryn Young.  Introducing HRH, the Prince of Wales.  His interest in art, architecture, women; historical remarks about him.
WHAT EXACTLY DOES ONE CALL THE DUKE OF EARL? - by Melinda McRae.  Royal rankings, correct title useage for peers of the realm.
19th C. CARRIAGES - by Marilyn Clay.  Types of carriages, pictures.
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