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Marilyn Clay's Art

The following are original black and white pencil drawings.  I originally offered
these limited edition prints at art shows and galleries.  The finished size of the 
Indian Girl print is 16" X 20".=  (i. e. without a matt, the print will fit a 16" X 20"
frame; with a matt, it would require a larger frame.)
I still have prints available of all these drawings, and sell
them unframed.  For more information, please e-mail me.

Indian Girl - Pencil Drawing

This print is of a good-looking cowboy.  I titled the drawing, "Ponderin'".  I sold the
original of this drawing at an art show in Austin, Texas to a young fellow from New York.  
At the show, he and his wife walked into my booth and headed straight for this drawing. 
When he turned around, I was astonished to see that he and my cowboy were "twins!"  
I had not used a model and was merely trying to make my cowboy good-looking. 
I think I succeeded. I still have prints of this drawing available.   

Framed Print of Ponderin' - Pencil Drawing

This pencil drawing of a cowboy on a horse coming straight at the viewer, becomes
size 18" X 24" when framed.  I call it "Sundown, Headin' Home."  Prints are available.

Sundown, Heading Home - Pencil Drawing

This pencil drawing I call "Nothin's Better'n a Cup of Hot Coffee."
The print alone is size 11" X 14". Since I am no longer doing Art Shows,
I now only sell my prints unframed.

Nothin's Better'n Hot Coffee - Pencil Drawing

This original pencil drawing I call "The Mountain Man." 
Unframed, this print fits a 16" X 20" frame.  I still have prints
available, and sell them unframed.  (I think he's good-looking, too.)

The Mountain Main - Print of an original pencil drawing

In you are interested in any of my limited edition prints, please e-mail me for sizes, prices and shipping information. Thank you!

Thank you!

Sailor Asleep on His Rug - Original colored pencil drawing

Cover art for Alissa Baxter's Regency Romance Novel

For information on anything you see on The Regency Plume website, contact Marilyn Clay by clicking on the e-mail link above. Thank you!