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Additional non-fiction titles by Marilyn Clay, including three Ebooks on Regency period furniture are available from Amazon. Folios pertaining to London, Bath and the English military during the Regency period, are available in print from The Regency Plume website.

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A lively and entertaining account of the three types of women one might have found, legally or illegally, on board an English ship during the 18th and 19th centuries, i. e. prostitutes, officer’s and midshipmen’s wives and other female passengers, including mistresses, during peace or wartime; and women masquerading as sailors or crewmen. Colorful and entertaining, complete with verified factual accounts of surprising and little-known incidents drawn from letters written by sailors and other men at sea; including the diary of Admiral Horatio Nelson. Factual accounts also from autobiographies written in the late 1700s by women such as Mary Lacy, who took to the sea masquerading as men, and who lived to tell of their experiences. Bibliographical sources also included.

18th and 19th English Women At Sea was named to Amazon's Top 100 Best-Selling Ebooks in two categories and remained on the list for many weeks. This Ebook is available from all major online retailers and in print from Amazon.

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A history of the development of the water closet, or toilet, in England; beginning with what was used as a privy in the oldest monasteries and ending with the sewer system clean-up in 19th century London. Also included are descriptions of the various types of chamber pots and toilet furniture that came into use, both in England and abroad, and the gadgets and mechanical devices invented prior to the toilet as we know it today. Also covers the emergence of indoor bathing both in England and France. Factual, in-depth and informative.

History of the Water Closet was named to Amazon's Top 100 Best-Selling Ebooks in two categories and remained on the list for many weeks. The Ebook is available from all major online retailers including Amazon, B&N, Apple, Scribd, Page Foundry, Smashwords, and Kobo. 

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Regency Period Furniture, Volume One by Regency Plume publisher, Marilyn Clay contains over 225 photographs and

descriptions of Regency-era furniture such as Recamier sofas, cubbyhole desks, gilt-wood chairs, chaise longues, assembly room settees, sideboards, dining tables, tea tables, a lanterloo table, dressing tables, a Harlequin desk, day beds, seventeen different pianos and pianofortes, clothing cupboards, early heating stoves used in chamber rooms, a Regency-era wheelchair, chamber pots and much, much more. In addition are color plates from Ackermann’s Repository and articles reprinted from The Regency Plume Newsletter on Regency London Cabinet Makers with a Glossary of Furniture Terms commonly used at the time.

REGENCY PERIOD FURNITURE Vol 1 is currently available only from Amazon. To purchase click HERE or on the Book Cover!

BAUBLES & NECESSITIES PERTAINING TO HER LADYSHIP - Regency Period Furniture Vol. 2 is currently only available from Amazon. To purchase click here or on the book cover!


Regency Period Furniture, Volume Two: Baubles & Necessities Pertaining to Her Ladyship contains over 200 photographs and descriptions of elegant furniture, unusual lighting fixtures, rare period jewelry, ladies work tables, window treatments, writing desks, chaise longues, assembly room settees and sedan chairs. In addition are articles reprinted from The Regency Plume Newsletter on the following subjects of interest to ladies: A Stitch In Time; Wedgwood: Potter To The Queen; Regency Retailers: Where M’Lady Shopped; and a Glossary of the Types of Fabrics Used During the Regency period, plus color plates from Ackermann’s Repository. Volume Two became an instant Top Best-Selling Ebook on Amazon!

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REGENCY PERIOD FURNITURE, Volume Three . . . Furnishings & Other Items Relating to Gentlemanly Concerns contains over 135 photographs w/descriptions of items used by Regency-era gentlemen, plus an illustrated Carriage Compendium and article on early carriage disasters. Also included is a Map of Regency London showing the locations of major Regency-era Cabinet-Makers and a Glossary of Furniture Terms. Currently all three Regency Period Furniture books are only available from Amazon.