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THE REGENCY PLUME Newsletter is your link to learning more about England's delightful Regency period, when a gentleman was a gentleman all the way down to his polished Hessians...and young ladies still blushed, especially if caught staring overlong at milord's buckram-padded shoulders, or Oh my! his thigh-covered inexpressibles!
A Regency romance is romance at its most elegant--entertainment of the first order.  Whether sweet or sensual, a romp or a mystery, a Regency romance novel transports readers to a colorful time that exists no more, but which takes place in a fascinating world that still exists today--England!
Most Regency romance authors have spent years researching this long-ago, though hardly forgotten, time period known as the English Regency.  And we take great delight in creating fresh new characters--our heroes and heroines--whose lives freely intermingle with those of 'real-life' people like Beau Brummell, Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington, or even the Prince Regent.
I became so engrossed in my study of the English Regency period, that in 1991, I began to publish a newsletter for other writers and Regency romance fans called THE REGENCY PLUME.  THE REGENCY PLUME is now in its 13th year of publication with over 1000 subscribers from all over the world.


The sole aim of THE REGENCY PLUME is to enrich the reader's knowledge of the Regency period and to aid author's who are setting books within that time frame in their quest for historical accuracy.  If you are a published author, aspiring writer or Regency romance fan who yearns to know more about what life was like in England or Ireland, in London, Bath, or Brighton in the early 1800s, you'll want to join the hundreds of other Regency devotees who experience 19th Century England via THE REGENCY PLUME Newsletter.

All articles published in THE REGENCY PLUME are well-researched and documented with the author's sources.  The factual and entertaining articles are written by such favorite Regency romance authors as Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverley, Emily Hendrickson, Shannon Donnelly, Gail Eastwood, Jo Ann Ferguson, Elizabeth Boyle, Margaret Evans Porter, June Calvin, Anne Barbour, Barbara Miller, Sheri Cobb South, Shirley Kennedy, Lynn Collum, Jeanne Savery, Alissa Baxter, Victoria Hinshaw, Jessie Watson, Marilyn Clay, and many others.
Articles cover such interesting topics as the Season and court presentation, Almacks, London town homes, correct title usage, Regency period books and magazines, clothing, dances, the hunt, theatre and the opera, cosmetics and remedies, daily life, the Napoleonic war, travel during the Regency, carriages, horse racing, and much, much more.  Many articles feature rare period illustrations.  In addition, you'll find bios of all your favorite Regency personalities, such as the Prince Regent, Lord Byron, Beau Brummell, the Duke of Wellington, the famous Duke of Devonshire--the most sought-after bachelor in the realm, the Almack Patronesses, Lord Nelson and Emma, and many others.
Each issue of THE REGENCY PLUME also lists every new Regency romance novel published in that two-month period, with previews of many.  To view a complete index to all articles published during the past 12 years in THE REGENCY PLUME Newsletter, click on the Back Issue Article Index headings on the left.  All back issues of the newsletter are available for purchase. 
Additional research material on the English Regency period, such as books on Regency-period furniture, reproduction historical maps, historical folios, and books on how you can write and sell your own Regency romance novel are also available through THE REGENCY PLUME.  For more information on these products and how to order them, click on the Regency Research Material heading on the purple bar at the left side of your screen. 
THE REGENCY PLUME is a bi-monthly newsletter especially for people who love to read Regency and Regency-set historical novels, and for the writers who write them.  A one-year (6 issue) subscription is $20.00 for US subscribers.  If you live in Canada, a one year subscription is $24.00 in US funds.  Foreign subscriptions (England, Australia, Germany, and all other countries) the one-year fee is $28.00 in US funds.  Send your check, (funds must be in US dollars and drawn on a US bank) money order, international money order, or postal money order in US funds to THE REGENCY PLUME, 1523 West Monterey, Denison, TX 75020. 
Listen to what these REGENCY PLUME subscribers have to say:
"Mary Jo Putney showed me her copy of THE REGENCY PLUME. I only wish I had known of it sooner; the information in just the one newsletter I saw took me months of searching to obtain elsewhere!  I look forward to seeing more." --Patricia Rice 
"THE REGENCY PLUME is a wealth of information for any Regency fan, or author, and I am grateful for such a wonderful resource." --Eileen Putman
"THE REGENCY PLUME is super!  The articles have been extremely helpful.  The historical I'm working on now is set in Regency England.  You've cut my research time in half!" -- Nicole Jordan 
"I am so impresed by your newsletter.  By collecting and reading THE PLUME, I won't feel nearly so inadequate the next time I research and write a 'Regency' historical." -- Robin Lee Hatcher
"I'm having a wonderful time reading back issues of THE REGENCY PLUME.  They are such a treasure trove of information!"  --Patricia Maxwell, AKA Jennifer Blake
"Of all the newsletters, magazines, etc. I get on writing, THE REGENCY PLUME is the one I sit down and read front to back as soon as it arrives." --Jo Ann Ferguson
"I would hate to miss out on even one issue of THE PLUME. I consider it a must-have for anyone who writes for, or is interested in, the Regency period." -- Phyllis Taylor Pianka
"I keep every issue of THE REGENCY PLUME.  I refer to it constantly as I'm writing!" -- Donna Davidson.
"THE REGENCY PLUME is a great newsletter!" -- Barbara Dawson Smith
"Thanks for the great job you do with THE REGENCY PLUME!" -- Barbara Metzger
"Thanks for your wonderful newsletter!  I always look forward to it and find the articles informative and entertaining" -- Angie Ray
"I am enjoying THE PLUME enormously.  What an asset to any Regency writer!"-- Marcy Elias Rothman
"THE PLUME continues to be chock full of marvelous information, information we'd never get without a tremendous lot of digging!" -- Anne Bayless
"I am thorougly enjoying every issue of THE REGENCY PLUME!" -- Alana Clayton
A one-year (6 issue) subscription to THE REGENCY PLUME Newsletter is $20.00 for US subscribers.  If you live in Canada, a one year subscription is $24.00 in US funds.  Foreign subscriptions (England, Australia, Germany, and all other countries) the one-year fee is $28.00 in US funds.  Send your check, (funds must be in US dollars and drawn on a US bank) money order, international money order, or postal money order in US funds to THE REGENCY PLUME, 1523 West Monterey, Denison, TX 75020.
Be sure and visit all the pages on THE REGENCY PLUME web-site!  Thank you! 

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